Can you spare a few hours a year?

Do you use the village hall? Whether you do so on a regular basis or have not even stepped through the doors you will be surprised at the large range of activities and events held every week. With all this activity comes the need for a vibrant management committee to maintain our high standards of décor, cleanliness, availability and amenity.

As a registered charity the Management Committee have to ensure there is a certain future for the charity and its benefactors—you, the members of the public. In order to do this we have recently revised our constitution to increase the number of trustees which means we have vacancies available. The time commitment is as little as 22 hours per year (attending committee meetings, each month except August) or more, if you would like greater involvement.

We are a very friendly, proactive group of Trustees and appreciate that committees are not for everyone, but perhaps you’d find that we are a bit different, our meetings are constructive and to the point and of course we carry Trustee Liability Insurance so there is no risk attached to being a Trustee. All we ask is that you give us a try – you might enjoy it!

Because, like us, most village halls are registered charities, our fear, which is one other halls have succumbed to, is that if we continue to be short of members we will have to hand the hall back to the Parish Council (the owners of the building).

So can you help this valuable asset to sustain and grow its high reputation?

Please call or email Ann our Chairman, or Clementine our Administrator if you would like to know more, their contact details are below.

Ann Warman

01425 476319   [email protected]

Clementine Pestell

07340 099036 [email protected]